Mäeprillid Vola Fast Grid


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Mäeprillid Vola Fast GridMäeprillid Vola Fast Grid


Vola Fast Grid mäeprillid 2019 hooajaks. Hea laia vaateulatusega ning laheda moodsa disainiga. Topeltklaas. Pakendis kaasas üks lisaklaas ja kott. Sobib ka igale kiivrile valatult!

/ Shiny finition
/ Racing shape in soft polyurethane which fits well with different types of helmets
/ Double polycarbonate lenses with anti-fog treatment
/ Lens treatment : FULL REVO coating. (from different directions, the lens show the same color)
/ Lens are 100% UV400 protection
/ 3 silicon waves at the back of the straps for a good adhesion
/ Foam thickness 15mm. Triple density foam
/ Directive 89/686/EEC European Standard EN 174: 2001-Ski goggles for downhill skiing