VANTAGE JR 100cm + C 5 GW Blue/Red


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VANTAGE JR 100cm + C 5 GW Blue/Red


Saadaval pikkuses: 100cm, hind koos sidemetega!

The Atomic Vantage JR 100-120 is a ski that’s all about maximizing fun for kids ages 5-8 as they move from the smallest skis towards full-size skis. Bend-X Technology makes it really simple for young all-rounders to make controlled turns – the special flex zone in the binding area allows the ski to bend easier. With an All Mountain Rocker for precise edge grip, easy turn initiation, and plenty of stability, it’s easy to control on groomed snow. The Vantage JR 100-120 models are wider across the board than the Vantage JR 70-90, with the exact shape precisely tailored to the length of the ski. This is a ski that lets kids rip up the piste with confidence.

The Atomic Vantage JR 100-120 are confidence-boosting skis for kids 5-8 who want to take on the mountain.