PUNX JR 110cm + C 5 GW


Tasuta post üle 200€


The Atomic Punx JR 110-130 is the perfect ski for aspiring X Games winners of tomorrow. Super maneuverable, it makes it easy to pull off tricks, hit kickers and stick your landing. A Full Cap construction also makes it light and tough – so you won’t trash them any time soon. Go find that rail with your name on it.

Atomic Punx JR 110-130 are sweet maneuverable skis for kids aged 5-8 to gain confidence – and air – in park and pipe.

Essential Infos

  • Weight single piece (g) / Size (cm) : 950 / 120
  • Base Edge Angle : ALP Standard 1,3 +/-0,3°
  • Side Edge Angle : 87,5 +/- 0,5°

Saadaval pikkuses: 110cm, hind koos sidemetega.