Mäesuusad Salomon LUX JR M + C5 GW J75, 130cm


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Mäesuusad Salomon LUX JR M + C5 GW J75, 130cmMäesuusad Salomon LUX JR M + C5 GW J75, 130cmMäesuusad Salomon LUX JR M + C5 GW J75, 130cm


Seiklushimulistele lastele kes tahavad tervet mäge vallutada, kerged ja profiililt sobilikud nii rajale kui ka pehmele lumele.

Hind koos kiirreguleeritavate sidemetega, algaja-kesktase.

Saadaval pikkuses: 130cm

Because skiing should be fun for everyone, SALOMON has developed the LUX JR M. For children who want to juggle between piste and powder, this model will help them progress with confidence.

Thanks to a monocoque construction and a composite fiber core, the tolerance is there. No need to worry about getting tired, as this model is as light on the feet as it is on the ground. The all-terrain rocker 2. 0 provides excellent maneuverability to get you through anything! The Easyflex technology adapts the thickness of the ski so that there is less material under the binding. The result? More flexibility for the youngest skiers who discover their performance.

Big plus: this model has a special finish and a tip and heel protection to slow down wear, despite regular use.


The youngest will gain in autonomy, that’s for sure! By opting for Salomon‘s L C5 GW bindings, we promise that they will feel comfortable, and above all, safe.

Thanks to multiple release ranges and an automatic adjustment of the fins, they ensure a quality ski/snow contact and a good transmission of the energy of young skiers. The plus: a small DIN adjustment that allows you to adapt to the smallest skiers.