Mäesuusad ROSSIGNOL Pursuit 700 Titanal 170cm


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Mäesuusad ROSSIGNOL Pursuit 700 Titanal 170cmMäesuusad ROSSIGNOL Pursuit 700 Titanal 170cm


Rossignol PURSUIT 700 TI + NX 12

Teravad, kiired ja tugevad, sobilikud ainult edasijõudnud suusahundile. Kui sulle meeldib gaas põhjas, punaseid ja musti võtta hommikusöögiks, siis tule oma uutele suuskadele järgi!

Profiil: 109/73/127 , R:14

Saadaval pikkuses: 170cm

In pursuit of excellence. With its sandwich construction featuring a wood core and a single Titanal plate, it’s not just the experts who will access the full power of the Rossignol PURSUIT 700 TI, a modern, game-changing piste ski. With its ‘Prop Tech’ technology, the PURSUIT 700 TI guarantees unrivalled power management. The controlled energy for a tenfold pleasure: all the DNA of Rossignol since its origins in a single ski!

The Rossignol PURSUIT 700 Ti guarantee a precise performance for all experienced skiers. The Prop Tech technology ensures adaptive torsional flexion while the Power Turn Rocker guarantees a quick enter into a turn.

The Rossignol Pursuit 700 Ti 2018 is a very powerful ski that will be a very good choice for the more aggressive advanced skiers looking for a hard-charging piste ski this season.

While it enjoys going fast and has a lot of energy, the Titanium reinforcement means keeps a good stability so that you don’t find yourself feeling out of sorts. Thanks to the oversized sidecut, the Rossignol Pursuit 700 Ti grips really well on piste and does exactly what you want it it to do. You always feel in control on this ski, which is a very important feature given the power it produces

This is a very solid, tough ski to ride, but when you put power into it, it unleashes an incredible energy. Combining this with the good support it gives underfoot, this is a ski that does give you a lot of confidence to really give it your all on the piste. More comfortable at higher speeds than lower speeds, it really is made for a confident advanced skier.