Mäesuusad K2 All-luv-it 156cm


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Vähekasutatud mäesuusad K2 AllLuvit 88 pikkuses 156cm, edasijõudnud lumetüdrukutele. Liugle nii hooldatud rajal kui pehmes puudris. Ela natuke! Hind koos väga sobilike Marker M2 sidemetega. Suuski on kasutatud vaid rajal sõites paar korda.

The K2 AlLuvit 88 is the total package for women looking for an all-mountain ski. The 88mm waist provides flotation in the fresh snow, carves nicely on the groomers, and zips down through the bumps. The BioFlex Konic Nanolite Core has a women’s specific flex pattern that is lightweight on the feet, stable at high speeds, yet snappy, that prevents you from fatiguing too quickly. A Metal Laminate creates extra edge hold when things feel firm, and extra stability when you get really moving. K2’s Hybritech Sidewall Construction has a cap construction in the tips and tails, with a vertical sidewall underfoot that creates responsiveness and extra grip as you love the entire mountain.