Mäesuusad Atomic SAVOR 3 AW + M 10 GW Grey/Red 2022


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Mäesuusad Atomic SAVOR 3 AW + M 10 GW Grey/Red, kohe saadaval pikkuses: 128cm, 138cm, 148cm, 158cm või 168cm

The Atomic Savor 3 is a confidence-building ski that helps beginner skiers enjoy the whole mountain from first turns to last lifts. Accessible, predictable, comfortable, it’s the perfect ski for aspiring skiers to start having winter adventures. Triple Sidecut offers excellent edge control – this is a ski that you steer, not one that steers you – and Bend-X Technology offers a flex zone in the binding area letting new skiers bend their skis with less power, for easier turn initiation. Classic barriers to the sport – exhaustion and soreness, complicated equipment – are no more. That’s how the Savor series makes you a better skier!

The Atomic Savor 3 with Triple Sidecut is a beginner ski that works for almost any new skier in a broad range of on-piste conditions.