Atomic Savor 7 ´21


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Atomic Savor 7 ´21


Savor is our playful, forgiving, easy to handle piste ski for people who just want to smile from first lift to last run. Slide when you need, carve when you want, and enjoy every second of every day.

The Atomic Savor 7: a top-of-the-line product in the easy-to-ski Savor Series. While the Savor 7 is engineered to be easy skiing – it’s also packed with features that makes you a better skier. Triple Sidecut lets you slide when you need, and carve when you want, and Titanium Powered Laminate makes it the most stable ski in the Savor Series with the most edge grip and most stability at speed. Fitted with our top-level F 12 GW binding, the Savor 7 is ready to get to work – so you can have some fun.

The Atomic Savor 7 is a simple ski that’s seriously fun, made so more experienced skiers can get a touch of play with plenty of power.

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